Happy Hour

“Tough day?”

“No, just taking a quick break.”

The two Beings of Light reclined at the bar, musing at the human soul below who glared back up at them, shaking her fist.

“How long has she been at it?” the second Being asked, sipping from a tall glass.

“Fourth lifetime now,” the first one replied, turning to order another cocktail, while the enraged earth soul continued hurling demands to her Guide above.

“Gotta hand it to her for perseverance, though.”

“Who’s that?” a nearby Being enquired, noticing the commotion below.

“Oh, she’s mine,” beamed the first one.

“Wow, she’s relentless, isn’t she?”

“There’s no stopping her when she’s on an emotional rampage!”

“Mine’s not even talking to me!” another Being admitted.

“And mine refuses to listen to me,” a third Guide grinned, shaking its Rays of Light.

While the Beings ordered another round of drinks, their joviality was shattered by an angry tirade from the human below.

“Did she just say she was suing the Creator?” a Radiant Being spluttered mid-sip through a cocktail.

“Yep, something about not honouring her free will, apparently,” the colleague of Light replied.

Two Beings gazed lovingly at their young soul who seethed in a haze of self-righteousness.

“This just came in by fax for you,” the barman announced, “it’s her latest list of demands.”

The two ethereal Beings chuckled as they casually placed the latest fax on the expanding pile on the bar.

“Another drink?” the first Being offered, “we might be here for a while.”

As they settled into their third cocktail, several enlightened Beings entered the bar and slumped, exhausted at a nearby table.

“Long day?”

“Long labour!” one replied, “One of our young souls changed his mind halfway through the birth canal. We had to do a lot of pushing, pulling and cajoling!”

“Did you get him out?”

“Thirty-six earth hours later!” he announced proudly, “A healthy eight-pound boy with a huge set of lungs, who’s not happy about the whole earth deal. I’ve turned the volume down on the baby monitor as his waling was giving me a dull headache.”

“Sounds like you need a drink,” a colleague offered.

“Can’t stay long, though. We’ve got to get back to Arbitration. The mother soul has lodged a formal complaint.”

“I went down there once,” another timeless Old Soul replied, “Atlantis. Don’t think I could cope there now, though.”

The Beings of Love sat in respectful silence, reflecting on the courage of their apprentices below. Nearby, the fax machine rattled out messages from a growing body of disgruntled Earth souls.

A short, beeping sound broke through the awed silence.

“That’s me,” a novice Being brightened, checking his pager, “I think we’re definitely having a breakthrough this time! Wish me luck,” he said as he swirled out of the bar, glowing with Love.

The novice returned in a timeless cosmic blink.

“How’d it go?” a fellow Being asked.

“False alarm,” the novice shook his Rays of Light, “Last minute panic attack overwhelmed him with fear and he lost his grip, just as he was about to make the leap of faith.”

“It usually takes them several attempts before they’re ready to make that leap,” another Wise Being responded.

“No rush,” the Timeless Old Soul offered, “they’ve got all of eternity!”

The Radiant Beings returned their gaze below, to the myriad of colours flashing along the earth plane: violent reds and envious greens swirled among impenetrable blacks and shades of grey. Despite the bleak darkness, they also noted pinpoints of Light, some blinking feebly while others shone brightly.

“There’s definitely more pink down there now,” observed one Being.

“Look! Over there,” another Radiant One pointed, “that whole section is lighting up like a Christmas tree.”

An erratic orange fireball drew the Beings’ attention away from the sparkling lights.

“Oh, she’s mine, too,” the first Being announced proudly, “we’ve made a lot of progress though – she’s evolved from red to orange in just one lifetime.”

“You’ve got your hands full, by the looks of it,” a benign spirit chuckled, “one wayward fireball and one who wants to sue the Creator! You deserve another drink!”

The gathering of Beings settled into a fourth round of cocktails, while casually monitoring events on the earth plane below.

“Popcorn anyone?” one of them chortled.

“How are you going to foster that explosive fireball down there?” asked an apprentice Spirit Guide.

“I’ve called on the help of a Specialist,” the first One replied, “She’s got herself entangled in a web of fear and anxiety, so we’ve opted for elective surgery to help cut those energetic cords.”

The apprentice’s next question was muted by the entrance of an exquisite burst of Multidimensional Light. The Beings looked on reverently as the holographic image glided towards the two Beings at the bar.

“Michael. Thank God you’re here!”

The Archangel gently folded his wingspan, scanning the earth plane below.

“I see you’ve got a spirited one,” the Specialist observed, “let’s get started, shall we?”

Thank you to Hari Kotrotsios for this spiritual story!

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