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A Whole New Mission – Spiritual Story By Daniel K.

A Whole New Mission

British Intelligence, London, August 1945. Small room with dark cherry walls and no windows. Eight Navy officers are sitting at a big table and looking down at the world map. Their faces seem tired, for they've spent all their stressful day here. The chief is walking around the table. "... just one more minute, gentlemen, and I'll let you go..."
The Happiness Box – Spiritual Story By Naria Satrick

The Happiness Box

In a nameless fishing village on the shores of a nameless sea, there lived a young boy whose joy it was to run up and down the beach, collecting pebbles and shells. At the end of each day, he would keep only the most beautiful of those he had collected, and bring them back to his secret place in the village - an old cellar beneath the ruins of a hut swept away by a long forgotten flood. There he polished them with bits of cloth and ribbon he had scavenged from his mother's sewing....
Number Magic – Spiritual Story By Inderjit Dhariwal

Number Magic

Yogi Navnirman was a young, enthusiastic follower who evolved spiritually at Mahira's feet and now spent time moving around different parts of the world with a single burning desire to aid the spiritual awakening of all those who were asking. Mahira often recalled his experiences of some of the interesting and unique pathways in the progress of other beings he had come in contact with...
Beyond the Door – Spiritual Story By Mary Seaberg

Beyond the Door

Sitting in my wheelchair I scan the horizon and beyond I see this home nestled in the woods. I wonder to myself, who lives there, what has their lives been like? Have they witnessed joy, have they experienced sorrow, what is behind those closed doors? I start to paint a picture in my head. I hear the sound of laughter as a family is sitting around a fire talking about the simple pleasures in life. It is Thanksgiving and the mother says to the family let's do something different this year...
The Apprentice Angel – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

The Apprentice Angel

One day, a little angel who wanted to be a big angel was spending some time with a more seasoned angel. They were invisibly walking down a busy city street, and the older angel said to the apprentice angel: "Would you like to hear something amazing?" The little angel said, "I don't know," because he knew that whenever the older angel asked him things like this, he was about to receive a certain spiritual shock. The little angel finally said, "Well, all right, what is it?"
What's In A Name? – Spiritual Story By Michell Heim

What’s In A Name?

What's in a name I ask you, save for vanity, sin and conceit? Consider the story of Gods servant, when at the end of life's retreat: ... The disciple of the Lord was standing, before the officers of the court. They asked him quite in earnest, "What is the name of the one who reports?" The disciple answered quite simply, "I am a Child of the Lord." The officers were taken aback suddenly, by the unexpected retort,
Those Unforgettable 180 Days – Spiritual Story By Shirley Cheng

Those Unforgettable 180 Days

"This is carrots," said my mother, pointing to the word that might as well be Russian or Arabic for all I knew. "Carrots," she repeated, then told me what the word means in Chinese, my native tongue. "Carrots," I said after her. "Perfect." She pointed to another word in the thin picture book adorned with a yellow cover. The pictures showed a boy planting his own garden. "This is 'pineapples.'"
How I Learned the 2nd Noble Truth – Spiritual Story By David Lourie

How I Learned the 2nd Noble Truth

The Buddha's Second Noble Truth pins the responsibility for our suffering squarely on our own shoulders: "Our suffering is caused by our cravings." -- The Buddha. We all have desires, and that's perfectly natural and healthy. But there are certain desires we cling to with a white-knuckle grip. These are the ones we just won't let go of. And it's our relentless attachment to these cravings that causes the suffering we all experience. I remember well the first time life taught me this truth...
Varuna: Spiritual Surfing – Spiritual Story By Tusta Krishna das

Varuna: Spiritual Surfing

Michael stroked over the first of two waves and halfway up the face of the third, then sat back on his board, grabbed the left rail, reversed his board, and pulled it under him and aimed it down the face of the wave. There was no need to paddle in this situation. The board was like a dart, and the hand of the wave propelled it toward the target. As the wave lifted the tail of his board, he sprang to his feet and poised in a graceful, cat-like stance. He'd been through it dozens of times...
My Birthday Gift – Spiritual Story By Leslie Moon Blackburn

My Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday. Little did I know that God had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. The gift I received today was magical and I was blessed. I chose to listen and then obeyed the still small voice from with in. We truly are God's Angels. Today is my birthday and what a great day I am going to have. I scheduled a vacation day today so I could spend the whole day doing things for myself. I have been thinking of this day for months, in fact I have been planning this day for months...