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The Happiness Box – Spiritual Story By Naria Satrick

The Happiness Box

In a nameless fishing village on the shores of a nameless sea, there lived a young boy whose joy it was to run up and down the beach, collecting pebbles and shells. At the end of each day, he would keep only the most beautiful of those he had collected, and bring them back to his secret place in the village - an old cellar beneath the ruins of a hut swept away by a long forgotten flood. There he polished them with bits of cloth and ribbon he had scavenged from his mother's sewing....
Number Magic – Spiritual Story By Inderjit Dhariwal

Number Magic

Yogi Navnirman was a young, enthusiastic follower who evolved spiritually at Mahira's feet and now spent time moving around different parts of the world with a single burning desire to aid the spiritual awakening of all those who were asking. Mahira often recalled his experiences of some of the interesting and unique pathways in the progress of other beings he had come in contact with...
Beyond the Door – Spiritual Story By Mary Seaberg

Beyond the Door

Sitting in my wheelchair I scan the horizon and beyond I see this home nestled in the woods. I wonder to myself, who lives there, what has their lives been like? Have they witnessed joy, have they experienced sorrow, what is behind those closed doors? I start to paint a picture in my head. I hear the sound of laughter as a family is sitting around a fire talking about the simple pleasures in life. It is Thanksgiving and the mother says to the family let's do something different this year...
The Apprentice Angel – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

The Apprentice Angel

One day, a little angel who wanted to be a big angel was spending some time with a more seasoned angel. They were invisibly walking down a busy city street, and the older angel said to the apprentice angel: "Would you like to hear something amazing?" The little angel said, "I don't know," because he knew that whenever the older angel asked him things like this, he was about to receive a certain spiritual shock. The little angel finally said, "Well, all right, what is it?"
What's In A Name? – Spiritual Story By Michell Heim

What’s In A Name?

What's in a name I ask you, save for vanity, sin and conceit? Consider the story of Gods servant, when at the end of life's retreat: ... The disciple of the Lord was standing, before the officers of the court. They asked him quite in earnest, "What is the name of the one who reports?" The disciple answered quite simply, "I am a Child of the Lord." The officers were taken aback suddenly, by the unexpected retort,
Step Away – Spiritual Story By David McLaughlan

Step Away

My Dad died last year. He wasn't an old man. Aged sixty-six it seemed to me he had been taken well before his time. You can probably imagine the frustration, the anger, the unexpected flood of tears that have filled the twelve months since then. And I've come to realise that he wasn't "taken before his time". If that was when God chose to take him (and surely it was no one else's call) then that was his time.
The Joy of Spring – Spiritual Story By Brenda Barnhart

The Joy of Spring

I am Jolly Joy, and I'm a happiness! But you, as a human, might know of me as simply, "sunflower". Little do you know that we flowers have our own identities and souls, for indeed we do, along with divine purpose and goals, albeit our goals are much simpler than yours? For instance, my goal in this new incarnation is to feel the Joy of Spring! To you this may seem frivolous, but to me, it is everything. It is all I know, all I yearn for, and all that I live for....
A Prayer Away – Spiritual Story By Glenys Cunningham

A Prayer Away

The woman sat, watching the people around her, feeling the pain of the child who fell off his bicycle the tiredness of the old man who was slowly making his way home. She felt the joy of the children playing together on the jungle gym and saw the happiness of the young couple walking hand in hand. Some glanced her way as they passed the bench she was sitting on, but they never spared her a thought. No one noticed the unshed tears in her eyes as she sat there watching and feeling...
The Naturist Nuns – Spiritual Story By Keith Beasley

The Naturist Nuns

It was a cold February morning when they first met and the solar powered central heating had not yet been commissioned. The refectory looked like that at any other abbey, except that the sisters each wore habits of different denominations; from their original orders. The long wooden tables and benches held the remains of their first meal together. It had been simple but healthy: only empty bowls and platters were left. The reporter from Health & Efficiency looked up to the Mother Superior...
Sales 101: Loving the People – Spiritual Story By Corinne Edwards

Sales 101: Loving the People

My son Paul got a job with a large chain of guitar stores. He had never worked in a retail organization before. The pay was based on a small salary plus commission. They put him through an extensive sales training. It was the usual stuff on how to approach a customer, present the product and mostly of course, close the deal and make the sale! It was almost like a car dealer's pitch, "Do you want the red car or the white?" He wasn't doing well. To make matters worse...