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Returning Home – Spiritual Story By Keith Beasley

Returning Home

The year was 2012... a period long predicted as a time of significant and positive change. The Mayans, many centuries before for example, in their much respected South American civilisation, had known that 2012 (in our western calendar) would correspond to the end of a long painful period of change. In 2012 a new world order would finally be in place, they said. The aging man smiled peacefully, from deep within, as he took his seat on the rostrum. For the sake of tradition...
I Felt The Christmas – Spiritual Story By Sahaya Raj

I Felt The Christmas

Yesterday while I was attending a morning mass at St Xavier's church, a 60 year old woman came in suddenly and caused quite a disturbance. Standing at the door with two photographs in her hand, she tried to speak over the sounds of the choir. Though everybody near her tried to tell her to leave the church, she stayed in the church near the doors. I symbolically motioned for her to wait until the end of mass. I thought she understood me, but when I went up...
Review of a Great Movie – Spiritual Story By Amitt Parikh

Review of a Great Movie

Hi! I am compelled to write a review of a movie I can't stop watching. It's a great movie with such a huge star cast, such a huge and beautiful stage and such a great story that I have to give it 5 stars. As you know, the heart of a movie is its story. The story of this movie is so complex yet so simple, full of emotions, full of action, full of mystery, full of love, full of violence, full of science fiction, full of... well there is nothing that is not there in this movie...
Sales 101: Loving the People – Spiritual Story By Corinne Edwards

Sales 101: Loving the People

My son Paul got a job with a large chain of guitar stores. He had never worked in a retail organization before. The pay was based on a small salary plus commission. They put him through an extensive sales training. It was the usual stuff on how to approach a customer, present the product and mostly of course, close the deal and make the sale! It was almost like a car dealer's pitch, "Do you want the red car or the white?" He wasn't doing well. To make matters worse...
Reserving Judgment – Spiritual Story By Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh-Hill

Reserving Judgment

I learned a lot today. Early this morning I threw up while driving my husband to work. And, we were both excited about the possibility that I might be pregnant. Then, my husband told me that our child would be raised Pentacostal Holiness like him. I said that we would share in the spiritual upbringing of our child and then allow him or her to decide what was best for him or her. He did not agree with this, because according to his beliefs...
Conversation With Spirit – Spiritual Story By Leslie Moon Blackburn

Conversation With Spirit

Hello spirit, it's been awhile since I have taken the time to sit down and chat with you. I have been so bombarded with life these days that I have been too busy to stop in and say hello. I know my life would have been so much easier if I would have taken the opportunity to quiet my mind, take in some deep breaths and settled down for a nice conversation with you. Well I am finally here and it feels so good to be in your presence...
The War of the Rice Farmers – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The War of the Rice Farmers

In a small village far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there lived a rice farmer, Barbary Rao. He was a simple man and had a small rice paddy, which he would tend to diligently and which rewarded him with ample harvest to support his family. Now Barbary loved to farm. He was born to farm. He loved to hoe the land, build irrigation canals, study the weather patterns, research fertilizers, and most of all he loved his rice ...
A Gift for the Birthday Boy – Spiritual Story By Captain Elmo Jayawardena

A Gift for the Birthday Boy

It was a lazy morning during the Christmas week, I do not recall the date, but I do recall it was the time rich cake tasted very poor. This usually happens around the twenty ninth of December. Eating too much of it. The balloons were getting their first lines of deflation. Christmas feeling was still very much around, serenading in the night, carols in the air, a continuous exchange of visits and gifts, an extended celebration of a two thousand year old birth.
Three Summers and the Southern Cross – Spiritual Story By Naria Satrick

Three Summers and the Southern Cross

"We are all connected to the Earth," she was saying, pushing the bead-adorned braids away from my face, then letting her hands rest on my shoulders. I listened, mostly because her mouth was beautiful, hearing her roll over the words in her native tongue was like music. I listened because the light touch of her fingers on my bare collarbone was somehow intense and exciting, yet at the same time comforting. I must have been silent too long, because she...
Good Things Come In Large Packages – Spiritual Story By Brenda Barnhart

Good Things Come In Large Packages

Jacob was a stoutly boy, with round features through and through, including his eyes which glowed almost neon blue from round granite spheres. He accepted his roundness, for after all, good things come in large packages, or so his mother always told him, with a funny grin on her lips. He never understood the grin, but took it to mean it was their little secret, that the world had yet to learn this, and Jacob was the one to teach them.