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The Divine Power of Forgiveness - Wisdom Parable By Atul Sharma

The Divine Power of Forgiveness

A rich father-in-law gave his poor son-in-law three lacs rupees to start a business. The business flourished but it brought a flood of greed...
The Interview – Spiritual Story By Jayson Familara

The Interview

Jimmy is an automotive mechanic, but he has not worked for some time now. He always has a good heart, but always feared applying for a new job. One day, he gathered up all his strength and finally decided he will attend an interview. All dressed up in a neat white shirt and slacks pants, he went on his way....
Where Do All the Prayers Go – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Where Do All the Prayers Go

David was sitting with his grandmother Miriam in the backyard eating cookies when he suddenly asked her. Where do all the prayers go? I mean, I know you say prayers to God but how do they find their way to God?
Repentance, Atonement, and Nails – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Repentance, Atonement, and Nails

Story retold by Rabbi Allen S. Maller... Her mother once gave her a bag of nails and told her that every time she lost her temper or insulted somebody she must hammer a nail into the back of their fence. The first day the girl hit...
Spiritual Story: A Man And The Ocean Pearl

A Man And The Pearl

A man who was feeling very disheartened went down to the beach. He found a shiny pearl sitting amongst the sand and pebbles. It gleamed brightly in the morning sun and his heart was lifted. I will keep this forever, he said to himself as he rubbed it gently with his finger and thumb. The next day when he woke up, the pearl...
Three Wise Men – Jewish Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Three Wise Men

A Simple Sales Clerk – Spiritual Story

A Simple Sales Clerk

15-year-old Douglas Maurer had suffered from a high fever and flu-like symptoms for several days. So finally his mother took him to the hospital where Douglas was diagnosed as having leukemia. The doctors...
How I Found a Real Treasure – Jewish Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

How I Found a Real Treasure

Have you ever found a treasure?, I once asked my father. He smiled a big smile and told me this story. That was many years ago and I have never forgotten it....
Three Men Trapped – Spiritual Story By Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy

Three Men Trapped

A philosopher, a scientist and a simple man - none of whom could swim - were trapped in a cove with sheer cliff faces. They split up, but the tide kept coming in. Rescuers lowered a rope with a safety harness. The philosopher said...
Like Dogs and Cats – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Like Dogs and Cats

I love dogs and cats. During my lifetime I have had many dogs and cats as pets. Yet there are two things I never understood about dogs and cats. First, why do dogs greet people warmly with joyful jumping and tail wagging, while cats greet people like they are doing you a favor; coolly with regal restraint? Second, why are dogs and cats usually not good friends? Why do they fight like dogs and cats?