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The Beginning Of The Buddha's Compassion - Buddhist Zen Story

The Beginning Of The Buddha’s Compassion

By the end of the three-month summer retreat period, the bhiksus had attained a certain degree of realization in the Dharma, and their bodies...
Gold In The Water - Buddhist Zen Story

Gold In The Water

There once was a fool, who one day walked down to the banks of a large pond. When he looked into the water, he...
The Turtle And The Hungry Fox - Buddhist Zen Story

The Turtle And The Hungry Fox

Long ago, when the Buddha was still present in this world, there was a monk who lived far away from the clamour of the...
The Well Under the Tree - Buddhist Zen Story

The Well Under the Tree

One day, the Buddha shared a story with his disciples, with the hope that they could often contemplate on its meaning. A long time ago,...
The Imperial Cook Upholding the Precepts - Buddhist Zen Story

The Imperial Cook: Upholding the Precepts

A hundred years after the Buddha’s parinirvana, there was a king who still worshipped ancient gods and practiced sacrificial rites. He would command his...
Queen Mallika Upholding The Precepts, Not Accepting Fragrant Adornments - Buddhist Zen Story

Queen Mallika Upholding The Precepts, Not Accepting Fragrant Adornments

During the time that Buddha was dwelling in Sravasti teaching to numerous sentient beings, within the kingdom there lived an important merchant who owned...
The Water Buffalo King - Buddhist Zen Story

The Water Buffalo King

A long time ago, there lived an extraordinary water buffalo king. He had a remarkably solemn demeanor, was very kind and gentle, abounding with...
A Poor Woman's Light Offering - Buddhist Zen Story

A Poor Woman’s Light Offering

During the Buddha's time, in the city of Sravasti there lived a poor woman named Nantuo. The only possessions she had were the clothes...
Requesting A Watermelon - Buddhist Zen Story

Requesting A Watermelon

One day, Shakyamuni Buddha went for a walk with two of his disciples, Mahakasyapa and Ananda. As noon was approaching, the group of three...
Seeing The Six-Realms From The Buddha’s Eye - Buddhist Zen Story

Seeing The Six-Realms From The Buddha’s Eye

Prince Siddhartha had attained enlightenment after 49 days of meditation under the bodhi tree. He used the Buddha-eye to observe the sentient beings’ karmic...