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Spiritual Movie Reviews

Speak - Spiritual Movie


A poignant look at one teenage girl's inner struggle with speaking out about an unspeakable event that took place at a friend's party. ...
Two Weeks - Spiritual Movie

Two Weeks

An up-close-and-personal look at one family's experience of dying. Sally Field stars as a mother of four grown children dying of cancer. ...
Antwone Fisher - Spiritual Movie

Antwone Fisher

When the world beats you down it feels very easy to not get back up again. Antwone Fisher, however, would not give up...
Tara Road - Spiritual Movie

Tara Road

Drowning in emotional weight, two women are both are looking for an escape from their very painful lives. They connect online and decide...
Knights Of The South Brox - Spiritual Movie

Knights of the South Bronx

While I must admit the primary theme of inner-city kids finding their inner sense of power and confidence through a unique teaching method is...
The Last Sin Eater - Spiritual Movie

The Last Sin Eater

This tale of adventure and suspense, sorrow and redemption, and ultimately peace and enlightenment is a movie not to be missed. The first...
Expiration Date - Spiritual Movie

Expiration Date

This is a wonderfully dark comedy about a young man preparing logistically and emotionally for imminent death on his 25th birthday due to a...
Bigger Than The Sky - Spiritual Movie

Bigger Than The Sky

We all need our own little niche, a place we can call our own, but a lot of us seem to be pretty lost...
Converstions With God - Spiritual Movie

Conversations With God

You'll have your heart strings tugged while you watch the laws of attraction in full force as this movie beautifully integrates the most important...
Song of Songs - Relationships Documentary from Spiritual Cinema Circle

Song of Songs

Usually I like the main features that Spiritual Cinema Circle puts out, but to be honest I really didn't like "Song of Songs." ...