God Is Nowhere

Swami Ramteertha used to tell a parable:

There was a great atheist. In his drawing room he had written in big letters: “God is nowhere.”

His small son was playing one day while he was reading his newspaper. The small son was trying, was learning how to read, so he tried to read the sentence on the wall: “God is nowhere.” But nowhere was a big word, so he broke it into two. He read, “God is now here.”

The father was shocked. He had never read the sentence that way. The whole gestalt changed: “God is nowhere,” and the child was reading, “God is now here.” There is great difference between “nowhere” and “now here”! For the first time he read that sentence with the vision of a child, with the innocence of a child.

It is said that since that day he could not read the old sentence in the old way: “God is nowhere.” Whenever he would look he had to read, “God is now here.” It became something fixed – such was the impact of the child.

A Buddha is always here. You have always been here. You don’t come from anywhere and you don’t go to somewhere else. This whole universe contains you. We are part of it.

OSHO, The White Lotus

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