Guy Finley Life Story And Biography

Guy Finley is an American philosopher, self-help writer and spiritual teachers, as well as, a former musician and song writer.

Early Life and Career

Finley was the son of Larry Finley, a late night talk show host and grew up in California where he interacted with children of other celebrities. He decided to become a musician when he was young and became the first artist of soft rock to sign a deal with Motown Records. Some of his songs were recorded and produced by famous artists including Debbie Boone and Diana Ross although Finley never attained commercial success. He composed numerous scores for television shows and movies. Finley still felt a gap in his life despite his early success and decided to leave his music career in 1979. He traveled to India where he wanted to study lessons regarding self-awareness and spiritual teachings.

Spiritual Career and Teachings

He left India for the U.S. where he became a devoted follower of Vernon Howard, a spiritual leader of the New Life Foundation group. Howard’s encouragement and guidance led him to start a career as a writer of spiritual guidance texts. His teachings were mainly inspired by those of Howard and were based on various religious philosophies and traditions including Fourth Way, Christian Mysticism and several Eastern Philosophies among others. He is the founder of the Life of Learning Foundation in Oregon where he teaches inner- life issues. He also hosts the live call-in radio program on called Guy Finley Live.


Guy Finley is a best-selling author and the creator of many books, eBooks, audios, and video programs including: Letting Go, The Secrets of Being Unstoppable, The Courage To Be Free, Secret Way of Wonder: Insights from the Silence, 50 Ways to Change your Destiny and 5 Steps to complete freedom among others.

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