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Trust In Allah But Tether Your Camel First - Sufi Story By Osho

Trust In Allah But Tether Your Camel First

This saying comes from a small story. A Master was traveling with one of his disciples. The disciple was in charge of taking care of...
To Be With God- Sufi Story By Osho

To Be With God

God is there but you cannot see because your eyes are blinded by the concepts given to you. God is not a Jew, so...
Sam Segal the Regal Bald Eagle – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Maller

Sam Segal the Regal Bald Eagle

Samuel Segal, the Regal Bald Eagle by Rabbi Allen S. Maller Samuel Segal is a bald eagle. Samuel Segal is very regal. ...
A Fast Fit for a King – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

A Fast Fit for a King

Once upon a time a king went out to hunt on a very warm day in the Fall of 2007*. After a few hours he felt very hot and tired, so he decided to stop for lunch. His servants unpacked a large picnic basket they had brought with them and set up a table. Now the king didn't want to eat together with his servants, nor did he want to eat alone. The king told one of his servants to find someone to come and eat lunch with the king. The servant walked to a nearby road, saw two 13-year-old boys...
Strength to Change – Sufi Story By Christina Feldman and Jack Kornfield

Strength to Change

Nasrudin was now an old man looking back on his life. He sat with his friends in the tea shop telling his story. When I was young I was firey - I wanted to awaken everyone. I prayed to Allah to give me the strength to change the world...
Footsteps – Spiritual Story By Unknown


Deep in his slumber, one night a man had a very real, yet surreal dream. He dreamt that he was walking along the beach with God. As he looked up at the sky, he saw all the scenes of his life flash by along with two sets of footprints: one set for himself, and another for God. After all the scenes had flashed before him, he looked back at those footprints and noticed something quite disturbing: At the most difficult times in his life, he saw only one set of footprints.