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No One To Take Responsibility - Hindu Story By Osho

No One To Take Responsibility

There is a Hindu story in India… The oldest book on the life of Rama is written by Balmik. Balmik was a robber, thief,...
At the doorsteps of God - Hindu Story By Osho

At The Doorsteps Of God

The fear comes at the moment when you come to dissolve your last part, because then it will be irrevocable; you will not be...
In Search Of A Guide - Sufi Story By Osho

In Search Of A Guide

I will tell you one Sufi story: A man is going in search of truth. As he comes out of his city, he finds...
Self And No Self - Buddhist Zenl Story By Osho

Self And No-Self

I have told many times the story of Bodhidharma and his meeting with the Chinese emperor Wu — a very strange meeting, very fruitful....