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Greatest Treasure – Spiritual Story By Catherine Ingram

Greatest Treasure

Long ago lived a young man in Istanbul, Turkey. Because he was poor, he had only a single room, spasely furnished with a few books and a small cot for a bed. One night the young man had a dream — a vision, really. In it, he saw...
A Change of Perspective – Spiritual Story By Catherine Ingram

A Change of Perspective

A few years ago, I was with a close woman friend in a grocery store in California. As we snaked along the aisles, we became aware of a mother with a small boy moving in the opposite direction and meeting us head on in each aisle. The woman barely noticed us because she was so furious at her little boy, who seemed intent on pulling items off the lower shelves. As the mother became more and more frustrated, she started to yell at the child and several aisles later had progressed to...
Ghandi and Some Sugar – Spiritual Story By Catherine Ingram

Ghandi and Some Sugar

A woman once came to Gandhi and asked him to please tell her son to give up eating sugar. Gandhi asked the woman to bring the boy back in a week. Exactly one week later the woman returned, and Gandhi said to the boy...