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Lesson from a Terrapin – Spiritual Story

Lesson from a Terrapin

There was a boy who found a terrapin, more commonly known as a turtle. He started to examine it but the turtle pulled in its head and closed its shell like a vice. The boy was upset and he picked up a stick to try to pry it open. The boy's uncle saw all this and remarked, No, that's not the way! In fact, you may kill the turtle...
A Bible For Graduation - Christian Story

A Bible For Graduation

A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted. As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his private study. His father told him...
The Carpenter's Tools – Christian Parable

The Carpenter’s Tools

Brother Hammer served as the chairman. The other members of the tool belt informed him that he must leave, because he was too noisy. But brother Hammer said, If I have to leave this carpenter's shop, then brother Gimlet must go too. He's insignificant and...
Acknowledgement – Spiritual Story


A newly arrived soul in Heaven was met by St. Peter. The saint toured the soul around Heaven. Both of them walked side by side inside a large workroom filled with angels. St. Peter stopped in front of the first section and said, This is the Receiving Section. Here, all the petitions to God said in prayer are received. The soul looked at the section, and it was terribly busy with so many angels...
They Won't Let Me In – Christian Parable

They Won’t Let Me In

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. People were filling the church to its full capacity! As they entered, each were given a bulletin filled with announcements, topic of today's sermon, what songs they would sing and who to pray for. At the end of the line stood an older man. His clothes were filthy and you could tell that he had not bathed in days. His face was covered with whiskers...
Ordinary Just Isn't Enough – Christian Parable

Ordinary Just Isn’t Enough

For some time I've had a church member provide me with a rose boutonniere to pin on the lapel of my suit every Sunday. Because I always got a flower on Sunday morning, I really did not think much of it. It was a nice gesture that became routine. One Sunday, however, what I considered ordinary became very special. As I was leaving the Sunday service a young man approached and said...
Pennies from Heaven – Christian Parable

Pennies from Heaven

A woman of modest means and her husband were invited to spend the weekend at the husband's employer's home. The boss was very wealthy, with an estate home and several cars costing more than the average house. The woman delighted to experience first hand the life of the extremely wealthy. The boss indulged his guests both at home on his estate as well as out as exclusive dining establishments. On one occasion as they were about to enter an exclusive...
Moses Parts the Waters – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Moses Parts the Waters

Sometimes we get used to what we see in the movies, and end up forgetting the true story, a friend said to once while we were looking at the port of Miami, remember the Ten Commandments? Of course I remembered...
Talking With the Devil – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Talking With the Devil

The man is admiring the sunset on a beautiful beach, beside his wife, enjoying well-deserved holidays. Everything seems absolutely in place, when all of a sudden, from the bottom of his heart there comes a nice, friendly voice that asks him a difficult question: "Are you happy?" "Yes, I am," he answers. "Then look around you carefully." "Who are you?" "I am the devil. And you can't be happy, because...
Keep The Faith - Wisdom Story

Keep The Faith

Let me explain the problem science has with Jesus Christ. The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. You're a Christian, aren't you, son? Yes sir, the student says. So you believe in God? Absolutely. Is God good?