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Can I Help – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Can I Help

As soon as he opened the church, a priest saw a woman come in, sit in the front pew and place her head between her hands. Two hours later, he noticed that the woman was still there, in the same position. Concerned, he decided to approach her...
I Know What Is Right – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

I Know What Is Right

A peasant was returning home when he saw a donkey in the field. I'm not just any donkey," said the animal. "I saw the messiah being born. I've lived for two thousand years and I am alive to give this testimony." Alarmed, the peasant ran to the church and told it to the parish priest...
Odessa Is Like That – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Odessa Is Like That

Catherine the Great received some boxes of freshly harvested oranges in the dead cold of winter. The note that came with it said they were from a distant port. The note said, 'See what we are capable of bringing to you? We need your help to grow even more.' Impressed, she sent a massive amount of money so that this port could develop further. However, the oranges had been brought from other countries through the Black Sea. Without telling lies, the note to the empress did not...
They Won't Let Me In – Christian Parable

They Won’t Let Me In

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. People were filling the church to its full capacity! As they entered, each were given a bulletin filled with announcements, topic of today's sermon, what songs they would sing and who to pray for. At the end of the line stood an older man. His clothes were filthy and you could tell that he had not bathed in days. His face was covered with whiskers...
Ordinary Just Isn't Enough – Christian Parable

Ordinary Just Isn’t Enough

For some time I've had a church member provide me with a rose boutonniere to pin on the lapel of my suit every Sunday. Because I always got a flower on Sunday morning, I really did not think much of it. It was a nice gesture that became routine. One Sunday, however, what I considered ordinary became very special. As I was leaving the Sunday service a young man approached and said...
Journey Home Book Prologue – Spiritual Story By Radhanath Swami

Journey Home Book Prologue

As I crawled out from the icy Himalayan water of the Bagmati River, I gazed at two heaps of ashes, one from a cremation pit and the other from a sacrificial fire. I was dressed in only a loincloth, and a cold wind chilled me to the bone. An intense longing gripped me. What was I doing here -- shivering, alone, nearly starving, and so far from home? Was all my searching to be in vain?
Xenos – Spiritual Story By Pete Hughes


Two nations once lived on an isle, side by side, Each one emboldened by national pride, Each viewing the other with fear and mistrust, And believing their side was the one that was just...
Have Faith Will Travel – Spiritual Story By Elizabeth S. Lawrence

Have Faith Will Travel

Three years ago, I was asked to give a talk about ATTITUDE at a business seminar in a hotel setting. When I went up to the front which was two minutes after I started my preliminary introduction, I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back...
Little Messages in Little Frames – Spiritual Story By Harry Valentine

Little Messages in Little Frames

The story begins in the 25-cent room that is only open on Friday afternoons at a second hand store. A plastic bag of tiny picture frames sold for 25-cents and those little frames that were to influence the lives of a small group of people who were involved in various forms of...
John C.A. Manley,Making the Best of Death by Torture

Making the Best of Death by Torture

A band of Iroquois natives captured a Jesuit missionary in the Ontario wilderness in the 17th century. The Jesuit expected -- as was the custom with captured missionaries by this particular tribe of Indians -- to be tortured for several days and then finally burnt to death. In case you don't know... death by fire is very slow and painful...