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Spiritual Movie - The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzy

This is not your ordinary kids movie, although I recommend that every child watch it. You and your child will have the opportunity to join an adventure story that...

End of the Spear - Spiritual Movie

End of the Spear

Observe remarkable acts of compassion unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in this captivating and deeply touching true story. The narrator is just a young boy when his selfless...

Broken Hill - Spiritual Movie

Broken Hill

Since I reviewed this movie while I was a guest on Spiritual Cinema Circle you may have already heard my thoughts about it. 🙂 That said, if you aren’t...

Joan of Arcadia - Spiritual TV Show

Joan of Arcadia

What happens when an average 16 year old girl doesn’t hear the voice of God, and instead sees God incarnated in physical forms? Anger, confusion, resentment, curiosity, fear, denial....

Dinotopia - Spiritual Children's TV Show


To say I enjoyed this miniseries a lot would be an understatement – it is deeply spiritual on many levels, enough that I can’t even begin to scratch the...

Lars and the Real Girl - Heartwarming Movie

Lars and the Real Girl

This movie starts out rather unconventionally, when a very sad, heartbroken, lonely man purchases a life-size sex doll over the internet, falls in love with it (her?), and announces...

The Mighty - Spiritual Movie

The Mighty

An over-sized junior high school kid who is intellectually impaired and prefers to keep to himself meets a physically handicapped whiz kid who is not afraid to speak up...

What's Bugging Seth? - Spiritual Movie Review

What’s Bugging Seth?

This unique and quirky film about a deaf exterminator’s challenges both personally and professionally sparks an air of compassion and hopefulness, as we shadow Seth during repeated challenges and...


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