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Town Of The Submerged Temples - Hindu Story By Osho

Town Of The Submerged Temples

I have heard a story. Thousands of years ago, a town with temples of gods got submerged in the sea. The bells of those...
The Mind Is Always Late - Meditec German Story By Osho

The Mind Is Always Late

It is said of Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest systematizers, that one girl proposed to him. In the first place it is bad...

The Story of Being

The Story of Being By Gemma Spurgeon Screaming souls trapped and calling out. This is the Lower Level Dimension. There are many levels of dimension,...
The Power of Love – Spiritual Story By Janet Hobbs

The Power of Love

Once upon a time there was a monk who after 20 years, finally achieved self-realization and heard the call to write a book. He had never forgotten that as a young monk, he had been confused and upset by ponderous and misguided religious writings. One day in his despair, he vowed that when he finally understood LOVE, he would write something true, something heartfelt and something that would actually assist people in their journey. For he felt that LOVE, although talked about, was...
He Put Me In Jail to Save Me – Spiritual Story By John M Lukamto

He Put Me In Jail to Save Me

When my wife lost her job in 2002. She lost her confidence to find new job and stayed with me in Batam. Since then, our family relied on my salary alone. At this time, with whatever money can buy in a vice place like Batam, I and my wife went deeper into drug addictions; I resorted to drugs in order to find peace...
Finals – Spiritual Story By Running Fox


Both teams, lined up and stood facing each other as the greeting yells roared over the field and the over-crowded stands. The fans had gathered, radio and TV stations were present, the business seats were filled. Nobody wanted to miss anything of this annual top meeting between the two biggest rivalling hometown teams with both of them in their own town and each with their own support, their own tribe to represent themselves. The field players were in position; the pitcher...
Moccasin Balance – Spiritual Story By Bruce Bevens

Moccasin Balance

Lame Elk, who had just passed his 14th year, had taken on the family responsibility of his father, Standing Elk. His father and mother had both been killed several months before in an attack on the village by a nomadic hostile tribe. He was fulfilling all his father's and mother's duties of providing food, shelter and nurturing for his younger brother and two younger sisters. He was proud of himself, even though it was harder to do than he let on...
A Leap of Faith – Spiritual Story By Sandy Penny

A Leap of Faith

I circled the fire with a tambourine in my hand, striking the instrument on my thigh in time with the chant, My body does whatever it takes to protect itself. I gazed into the glowing red and orange eyes of the twelve foot by four foot bed of coals and watched a coating of white ash begin to form. The fire pit looked back, studying me with its many eyes...
The Tiger – Spiritual Story By Remez Sasson

The Tiger

A teacher and his student were walking from one village to another, when they suddenly heard a roar behind them. Turning their gaze in the direction of the roar they saw a big tiger following them. The first thing the student wanted to do was to run away, but as he has been studying and practicing self-discipline, he was able to halt himself, waiting to see what his teacher was going to do. "What shall we do Master?"
The Chess Game – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

The Chess Game

A young man said to the abbot from the monastery: "I'd actually like to be a monk, but I haven't learned anything in life. All my father taught me was to play chess, which does not lead to enlightenment. Apart from that, I learned that all games are a sin." "They may be a sin but they can also be a diversion, and who knows, this monastery needs a little of both," was the reply. The abbot asked for a chess board, sent for a monk and told him...