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Conquering Anger - Buddhist Zen Story

Conquering Anger

Once Bodhisattva, the Enlightened Being, was born into a highly educated family. When he reached his youth, he decided to renounce all worldly pleasures...
Angry Buddha - Spiritual Story

Angry Buddha

"When I make Pa angry, he growls at me," Little Hosh had big tears in his eyes. "When he makes me angry, nobody growls...
Buddha: On Getting Insulted - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

Buddha: On Getting Insulted

Buddha was passing through a village and the people came and they insulted him. They used all the four-letter words that they knew....
Angry Man Spits On The Buddha - Spiritual Story

Angry Man Spits On The Buddha

The Buddha was sitting under a tree talking to his disciples when a man came and spit on his face. He wiped it off,...