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Guy Finley Life Story And Biography

Guy Finley Life Story And Biography

Guy Finley is an American philosopher, self-help writer and spiritual teachers, as well as, a former musician and song writer. Early Life and Career Finley...
Anthony de Mello Story And Biography

Anthony de Mello Story And Biography

Anthony de Mello Life Story Overview Anthony de Mello was an Indian psychotherapist and Jesuit priest. He was also a public speaker, writer, and spiritual...
Free Meditation PDF eBook - Raise Your Vibration

“Raise Your Vibration” – Free PDF Report from Kevin Schoeninger

Guest article and ebook by Kevin Schoeninger from EnergyMeditationSecret.com (Right-Click to Download Your Ebook) The research is pouring in on the profound benefits of...
A Different Way Of Looking At Life – Spiritual Story By Daniel Frankel

A Different Way Of Looking At Life

Once upon a time, there were three babies and an ogre. The ogre kept them chained inside a cave facing the wall and with their backs against the entrance of the cave so they could never see what was happening outside of the cave. They were not allowed to go outside and experience the world. Since they grew up in the dark, their eyes adapted to the darkness and the only thing they could see were shadows on the wall in front of them coming from objects reflected by the light outside of the cave.
The Two Flower Merchants – Spiritual Story By Matt Schoenherr

The Two Flower Merchants

One day, two flower merchants set up shop next to one another. They opened for business on the same day, carried the same lovely selection of aromatic flowers, and maintained similar prices for their marvelous plants. Both merchants took great care with raising their plants and both were kind and courteous to their customers. In fact, their stores appeared to be equal in every way. At first, the merchants even received equal traffic through their shops, but - as time went on...
How A Random Act of Kindness Turned 93 Dollars Into One Hundred Thousand For the Hungry – Spiritual Story By Carolee Hazard

How A Random Act of Kindness Turned 93 Dollars Into One...

On August 11th, 2009, Jenni Ware found herself stranded at the Menlo Park Trader Joe's checkout line - her wallet was gone. Her already hectic day had just taken a turn for the worse. Carolee Hazard, a complete stranger, approached the distressed Ware and offered to pay the $207 bill. Jenni gratefully accepted and promised to repay her. Once home, Carolee posted on Facebook what had transpired, adding that she was "vacillating between feeling really good and very, very stupid...
An Angel's Friend – Spiritual Story By Richard and Esther Provencher

An Angel’s Friend

A dot of movement grows larger as it rushes downwards. Like a runaway candle it enters the earth's atmosphere. Is it a chunk broken away from the moon? Or, could it be a flying saucer? No, it's a very beautiful young angel. Here? An angel? Her name is Esther. And she smacks into the highest spruce tree. One wing now trapped between two branches. Help me...
The Library of God – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The Library of God

The most revered building at No Wind monastery was a quiet, humble structure that stood at the outskirts of the grounds and boasted the sign, The Library of God. The monks knew this building was a special place, not only because they could feel the divine vibrations just by being near it, but also because all the special monks who Zen Master Blumise had allowed into the library, always came out enlightened. The strange thing about the library though, was that no one knew...
Turtle Soup – Spiritual Story By Jo Leonard

Turtle Soup

We were an irrefutable Soul clump, a group of spiritual adventurers searching for a way to touch the hem of God. Every other month or so, we would gather from various New York State cities and towns to meet at a friend's home on the Hudson River. What was once a way station for passing cargo boats was now a...
A Reincarnation Story – Spiritual Story By Jo Leonard

A Reincarnation Story

I'd been working at the international headquarters of a spiritual organization in Menlo Park, California. As most of the employees were members of the organization, lunch table conversations naturally centered on subjects inherent to the teaching, subjects such as dreams, past lives, and the shortest path home to God.