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Cooking By Candle – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

Cooking By Candle

Mulla Nasrudin made a wager that he could spend a night on a near-by mountain and survive, in spite of ice and snow. Several wags in the teahouse agreed to the adjucate. Nasrudin took a book and a candle and sat through the coldest night he had ever known. In the morning, half-dead, he claimed his money...
Compass – Spiritual Story By Houman Farzad


Someone brought a compass that he had found and asked Mulla Nasrudin if he knew what it was. Mulla looked at the compass and began to cry. A few minutes later, he stopped crying and began to laugh. The man...
What Has Gone Before – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

What Has Gone Before

In a dark alleyway an agile pickpocket tried to snatch Mulla Nasrudin's purse. Nasrudin was too quick for him, and there was a violent struggle. Eventually Nasrudin got this man down on the ground...
The Innocent Thief – Spiritual Story By Houman Farzad

The Innocent Thief

Mulla Nasrudin's donkey was stolen from its stable one night. The next morning, whenMulla found out that he had been robbed, he began searching for the donkey, asking the neighbors whether or not they had seen his donkey. The neighbors, who had heard the news, began to scold Mulla...
Upstairs Downstairs – Sufi Story By Houman Farzad

Upstairs Downstairs

A beggar knocked on Mulla Nasrudin's door. Mulla opened the window from upstairs and said: What do you want? Come down here and I'll tell you, said the beggar. Mulla came all the way down and opened the door. Well, what do you want?
How Nasrudin Created Truth – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

How Nasrudin Created Truth

Laws as such do not make people better, said Mulla Nasrudin to the King; they must practice certain things, in order to become attuned to inner truth. This form of truth resembles apparent truth only slightly. The King decided that he could, and would, make people observe the truth. He could make them practice truthfulness...
The Procession – Spiritual Story By Houman Farzad

The Procession

A group of Muslim religious leaders once got together and, having nothing better to do that day, began to talk on trivial matters. One of them asked: During a funeral procession, should one...
Mulla Nasrudin and the Wise Men – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

Mulla Nasrudin and the Wise Men

The philosophers, logicians and doctors of law were drawn up at Court to examine Mulla Nasrudin. This was a serious case, because he had admitted going from village to village saying: The so-called wise men are ignorant, irresolute, and confused. He was charged with undermining the security of the State. You may speak first, said the King. Have paper and pens brought, said the Mulla...
Why We Are Here – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

Why We Are Here

Walking one evening along a deserted road, Mulla Nasrudin saw a troop of horsemen coming towards him. His imagination started to work; he saw himself captured and sold as a slave, or impressed into the army. Nasrudin bolted, climbed a wall into a graveyard, and lay down in an open tomb. Puzzled at his strange behaviour, the men...
Take My Hand – Spiritual Story By Massud Farzan

Take My Hand

One day Mulla Nasrudin saw a crowd gathered around a pond. A Moslem priest with a huge turban on his head had fallen in the water and was calling for help. People were leaning over and saying, Give me your hand Reverend! Give me your hand! But the priest didn't...