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The Tree of Life – Spiritual Story By Peter M. Espiña Jr.

The Tree of Life

Somewhere in time, in the farthest region of Southeast Asia there was a small village where an old farmer lives. His name was Ripat. He was a virtuous man. Ripat used to plant vegetables, corns, bananas, pineapples, and coconut trees in his farm. One day, Ripat left his house and went to a neighboring village to help plant trees following the municipal order of the mayor. Before he left his place he took the seed of...
When The Morning Comes – Spiritual Story By Peter M. Espina Jr.

When The Morning Comes

At the turn of the century there was a city worker whose youth had been spent in evil ways. But one night during a revival meeting, he was spiritually born anew. Soon after, he ran into one of his old drinking pals. Knowing his friend needed God, he attempted to witness to him about his newly found peace. His friend rebuffed him rudely and made fun of him for turning pious. I'll tell you what, said the new Christian, you know that I am...