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The Story Of Mahabodhi - Buddhist Zen Story

The Story Of Mahabodhi

Mahabodhi, the wise scholar, was a reincarnation of the Bodhisattva. He became an advisor to the king, who treated him with great respect. Seeing...
Hell And Heaven - Buddhist Story By Osho

Hell And Heaven

A Zen Master was asked by the Emperor of Japan…. The Emperor had come and asked the same question, Krishna Deva. Maybe you are...
Reincarnation of a Raindrop – Spiritual Story By Bruce Bevens

Reincarnation of a Raindrop

The essence of the raindrop was in a transitory vibration of flux as it hovered in another dimension. Again it had been called home by the enticing warmth of the Sun. It was remembering past existences as a raindrop and enjoying the feelings that he felt through each one. Those experiences represented a millions of raindrop existences to remember over eons of time. However, those experiences...
A Reincarnation Story – Spiritual Story By Jo Leonard

A Reincarnation Story

I'd been working at the international headquarters of a spiritual organization in Menlo Park, California. As most of the employees were members of the organization, lunch table conversations naturally centered on subjects inherent to the teaching, subjects such as dreams, past lives, and the shortest path home to God.
Secrets of the Universe – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

Secrets of the Universe

Monk Totonaka had just joined Nowind Monastery a few months back, and he was absolutely delighted with all the spiritual growth he had experienced there in that short time. You see for many years, prior to joining Nowind, Totonaka had worked furiously to try to awaken himself. He had meditated night and day, and had been absolutely obsessed with enlightenment. In fact, he had pushed himself so hard, that finally he suffered a full mental and physical breakdown...
A Rabbi and a Ghost – Jewish Story

A Rabbi and a Ghost

figure. He was stunned to see that it was a man of the city who had recently died! What are you doing here? the Rabbi asked, you are supposed to be dead. Rabbi, you know, replied the ghost, that this is the night when souls reincarnate on earth. I am such a soul. And why were you sent back again?
The Beautiful Mountains Captivated Her – Spiritual Story By Alan Dolit

The Beautiful Mountains Captivated Her

The beautiful mountains captivated her. When Marian saw them she was dumbfounded. How could this be. She had left home moments ago and went to the beach. She remembered running from the beach house she and Justin had rented for their honeymoon, along an isolated stretch on the southern California coastline. It hadn't taken very long for what she had anticipated to be Heaven turn into hell...
Heaven Can Wait - Spiritual Movie

Heaven Can Wait

Stephen Simon from Spiritual Cinema Circle says this is one of his favorite spiritual movies of all time, and I can see why. This movie...