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Wondrous Powers – African Folk Story By Roger D. Abrahams

Wondrous Powers

An old man had three children, all boys. When they had grown up to manhood, he called them together and told them that now he was very old and no longer able to provide, even for himself. He ordered them to go out and bring him food and clothing. The three brothers set out, and after a very long while they came to a large...
Should He Bite Me – African Folk Tale By Roger D. Abrahams

Should He Bite Me

One time a large stone fell upon Snake and covered her so that she could not rise. A white man, it is said, came upon her and lifted the stone, but when he had done so, she wanted to bite him. The White Man said, "Stop! Let us first go to someone wise." They went to Hyena, and the White Man asked him, "Is it right that Snake should want to bite me, even though I helped her so much?" Hyena (who was looking for his own share of the White Man's body) said...