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The Flight Of Sakka - Buddhist Zen Story

The Flight Of Sakka

In one of his many lives the Bodhisattva was born as Sakka, the King of Gods. Some demons once attacked the celestial kingdom with...
The Sacrifice - Buddhist Zen Story

The Sacrifice

The pious King Sivi of Aritthapura was none other than the Bodhisattva. The stories of his kindness and charity spread to faraway lands, so...
The Ugly King - Buddhist Zen Story

The Ugly King

The Bodhisattva came to the earth as a king in one life. He was an ugly man. However, he was a pious and able...
The Power Of Devotion - Buddhist Zen Story

The Power Of Devotion

Once upon a time, the Bodhisattva was born as a Kinnara or celestial musician. During summers, he would come down to the plains on...
The Hare in the Moon - Buddhist Zen Story

The Hare in the Moon

The Bodhisattva was once born as a pious hare. One evening he was about to meditate when his eye caught the almost complete orb...