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Guy Finley Life Story And Biography

Guy Finley Life Story And Biography

Guy Finley is an American philosopher, self-help writer and spiritual teachers, as well as, a former musician and song writer. Early Life and Career Finley...
The New Authority – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

The New Authority

There was once a traveling reporter who went out and did stories on America, and in this particular instance she was doing a story on the midwest's small towns. She was particularly interested in the social structures, how men and women got along, and what happened at these large big dances that...
Stuck In An Abusive Relationship – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

Stuck In An Abusive Relationship

A lady goes to work at a large department store and she's friends with somebody in a another department who she doesn't know very well, but is drawn to her. You know how you can just meet somebody and like them immediately. But over a short period of time this one lady begins to notice that the other lady is getting more and more solemn and depressed. And finally, even though they have never really spoken, she walks over and says...
This Time It'll Be Different – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

This Time It’ll Be Different

There are two friends and one of them is a traveling salesman who has to go out on the road every two or three weeks and sometimes he's even gone for 3 months at a time. After one of these lengthy trips, he comes back and he drives back into his little city, and while driving he sees a sign over a store that says "Custom cabinets by Curt." "That's Curt's place. Custom cabinets? What in the heck's going on?" he thinks to himself. So he stops the car and he walks in and says...
The Good Prince – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

The Good Prince

Once upon a time, there was a country that was ruled by a good king and it was a good country. This good king and country heard a rumor that a neighboring country, an evil and dark country that was ruled by a very dark evil Wizard, was sending over troops to try and take over the good kingdom. Well, the good king had a good prince and when that good prince heard that the good king was sending off the troops to stop the incursion of the evil ones, he wanted to...
The Apprentice Angel – Spiritual Story By Guy Finley

The Apprentice Angel

One day, a little angel who wanted to be a big angel was spending some time with a more seasoned angel. They were invisibly walking down a busy city street, and the older angel said to the apprentice angel: "Would you like to hear something amazing?" The little angel said, "I don't know," because he knew that whenever the older angel asked him things like this, he was about to receive a certain spiritual shock. The little angel finally said, "Well, all right, what is it?"