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Circle of Joy – Zen Buddhist Parable

Circle of Joy

One day, a countryman knocked hard on a monastery door. When the monk tending the gates opened up, he was given a magnificent bunch of grapes. "Brother, these are the finest my vineyard has produced. I've come to bear them as a gift." "Thank you! I will take them to the Abbot immediately, he'll be delighted with this offering." "No! I brought them for you." "For me?" The monk blushed, for he didn't think he deserved such a fine gift of nature...
The Naturist Nuns – Spiritual Story By Keith Beasley

The Naturist Nuns

It was a cold February morning when they first met and the solar powered central heating had not yet been commissioned. The refectory looked like that at any other abbey, except that the sisters each wore habits of different denominations; from their original orders. The long wooden tables and benches held the remains of their first meal together. It had been simple but healthy: only empty bowls and platters were left. The reporter from Health & Efficiency looked up to the Mother Superior...
Spiritual Book: Heaven by Kimberly Cain

Heaven by Kimberly Brown Cain

This book is definitely the most unique spiritual book I've ever read, if for nothing else, because of the nature of the story and...
Lars and the Real Girl - Heartwarming Movie

Lars and the Real Girl

This movie starts out rather unconventionally, when a very sad, heartbroken, lonely man purchases a life-size sex doll over the internet, falls in love...
Spiritual Warriors - John Roger Movie

Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors is a modern day fable about the challenges we all face in our spiritual journey. On the surface it looks like a...
Spiritual Book: The Happy Soul Industry by Steffan Postaer

Happy Soul Industry by Steffan Postaer

This is not your typical spiritual book. The plot begins with God realizing she is in trouble because the world has lost its "goodness."...
Pumpkin - Spiritual Movie With Reese Witherspoon


Pumpkin is not your average spiritual film. For one, it's rated 'R' due to a few sexual situations and use of the 'f'...