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Upstairs Downstairs – Sufi Story By Houman Farzad

Upstairs Downstairs

A beggar knocked on Mulla Nasrudin's door. Mulla opened the window from upstairs and said: What do you want? Come down here and I'll tell you, said the beggar. Mulla...

The Procession – Spiritual Story By Houman Farzad

The Procession

A group of Muslim religious leaders once got together and, having nothing better to do that day, began to talk on trivial matters. One of them asked: During a...

Dervish and the Money – Spiritual Story By James Fadiman and Robert Frager

Dervish and the Money

A dervish was praying silently. A wealthy merchant, observing the dervish's devotion and sincerity, was deeply touched by him. The merchant offered the drevish a bag of gold. I...

The Bequest – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

The Bequest

A man died far from his home, and in the portion of his will which he had available for bequest, he left in these words:

"Let the community where the...

The Oath – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

The Oath

A man who was troubled in mind once swore that if his problems were solved, he would sell his house and give all the money gained from it to...