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To Enemy With Love - Christian Story By Osho

To Enemy With Love

But in ordinary life you are aware that opposites are always joined together, that they are not opposites but complementaries. You know perfectly well,...
Yellow Umbrella - Sufi Story By Osho

Yellow Umbrella

I have heard: Mulla Nasruddin was staying in a hotel. A telegram had arrived from home and he was in a hurry to catch...
When The Goals Dropped - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

When The Goals Dropped

There is an ancient story: A man was very much interested in self-knowledge, in self-realization. His whole search had been to find a master who...
Fate Of An Astrologer - Greek Parables By Osho

Fate Of An Astrologer

I have heard an ancient story, it happened in Greece. A great astrologer, the most famous of those days, fell into a well. Because...