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Lifespan Of A Man - Funny Spiritual Story By Osho

Lifespan Of A Man

I have heard… God is making all the creatures of the earth and is giving out sex lives to each animal. First he turns to...
Buddha With A Black Nose - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

Buddha With A Black Nose

A famous story about a Zen nun is: She had a beautiful golden Buddha, a very artistic, aesthetic statue of Buddha, made of pure...
The Art Of War - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

The Art Of War

A great swordsman, a great warrior, came back home and found that his servant was making love to his wife. According to custom, he...
Disappear In Dance - Sufil Story By Osho

Disappear In Dance

One Sufi mystic was so full of love, and so full of joy — his whole life was laughter, music, dancing. And the story...