Rabindranath Tagore Life Story & Biography

Rabindranath Tagore Early Life

He was the youngest son of the Brahmo Samaj leader Debendranath Tagore. His parents started schooling him at home and later send him to England for further studies although he never finished. Then, he began managing his family’s property, and estates, a job that brought him in close contact with the ordinary people and he became interested in social change. He began an experimental school where he attempted to use the Upanishadic ideals to teach. He also took part in the Indian nationalist movement often although Gandhi was his good friend. He became a knight in 1915, but he later resigned the title because of the adversarial British policies towards India.


Tagore became a successful Bengalese writer in his early years. He became widely renowned in the West because of his work, especially the translated poems. As a result, Tagore gave many lectures all over the world, and he soon became the voice of the spiritual heritage of India.

Although he was a successful writer in all genres, he first started as a poet. Some of his most renowned works include The Ideal Song Offerings, Manasi, Sonar Tari, Balaka, Wreath of Songs and the Flight of Cranes among others. Other than poems, he also wrote dance dramas, musical shows, travel diaries, essays of different types and two autobiographies.

He also left a legacy in the art scene as he had many paintings and drawings, as well as, songs whose lyrics and compositions he wrote.

Personal Life

He was married in 1883 to Mrinalini Devi and together they had five children. He lost his wife and two daughters early. He became frail during his final years and died in 1941 aged 80.

His influence on an entire generation of writers all over the world cannot be ignored. His work impacted many cultures and people across and beyond India and Bengal. His work has been translated into numerous languages like Spanish, German, Dutch and English.

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