Zen Entrepreneurship by Rizwan Virk

This book could be classified in any number of categories, whether it be spirituality, business, adventure, or even autobiography. The author pulls you into his world where all of those topics are merged seamlessly and, just as grapes become wine, what some may see as unbelievable becomes unmistakably tangible.

If you’ve ever wondered what spirituality has to do with business, this book answers not only that question, but its opposite – how does growth in business reflect and manifest itself in the spirit world? The answer may seem simple, but this book makes it clear through the author’s own true experiences, that there’s much much more to those questions than we realize. So much in fact, that I intuitively know this book will be one I read over and over throughout different times in my life, and each time I suspect I’ll learn even more new and invaluable lessons.

Zen Entrepreneurship is a must-have for any spiritual library.

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