You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It by Stash Serafin and Ruth Ann Wood

What would life be like if you realized that everything you could ever want, you already had? In a nushell, that’s the theory this book not only proposes is possible, it says is true and can be experienced anytime and anyplace. Coauthors Stash Serafin (blind figure skater, life and skating coach) and Ruth Ann Wood (author, life coach, playwrite) share their autobiographies as a means for practical insight into how this has been true in their own lives.

I found their stories to be enjoyable, insightful, and very resonant with my own spiritual path. Their conversational approach to this book makes it very tangible and brings their characters to life. Also, if you’ve ever thought I can’t do it or It’s too hard, then Stash’s experience provides the simplest, yet most powerful dose of inspiration you’ll probably ever need.

One area I felt this book was lacking was in the how to area. The book gave some overviews of the process by which a person can realize they already have that which they want; however, the details aren’t there. Although disappointing, I do believe there is a practical reason for this – although the process is the same for each person, the details truly are different… and the process is an iterative one in which people work together to find what works for each individual. Fortunately, the book does refer readers to the primary website Scripting For Success for those people who do want to dig into this process in more details.

Since this is a quick read, definitely check it out and if what you read resonates, then also check out their website to discover how to make the process more personalized for your unique self, life experiences, and dreams.

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