The Wave by Leah Chelius

The Wave is as much a children’s story as a clear message to teens and adults that there is usually more to life than we see with our limited vision. It also helps plant an early seed in childrens’ minds that spirituality isn’t just something we seek or find, but rather, it’s a part of us all the time and every place — all we need to is become aware. This book is probably better suited for older children, perhaps ages 5-10, due to its more mature and deeper content.

The Wave also makes an excellent coffee table book since the pages are large and the illustrations have a very panoramic feel to them. I also find it difficult to write a review for a children’s story because children’s books are short already, which means that if I write much more than my review will be nearly as long as the book itself!

My recommendation is to check out the website and see for yourself the delights in this book, and then pick up a copy for your kids or as a gift for people you know who have kids.

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