Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a popular and affable inspirational author and speaker who embraces life as an adventure. Infinite Possibilities is an invitation for each of us to join him on the greatest quest of all—living and manifesting our dreams. His roadmap for achieving this begins with understanding the terrain: “thoughts become things.” From this perspective and principle, all roads lead to Rome (so to speak) and it is a fun, easy ride with Dooley as our enthusiastic guide.

Dooley manages to distill complex ideas about human nature, spiritual growth, and our place in the Universe into plain language that is equal parts sincerity and inspiration. He assures us that life is to be lived joyously and fully, and so the first step toward living our dreams is to get up and do something! What and how we “do something” are what follows in Infinite Possibilities, always held within the context that loving life itself, with all of its ups and downs, is the greatest secret to happiness. We are spiritual beings with infinite potential, says Dooley, and the art of living our dreams is only limited by our ability to imagine and act on them.

This guest review by Julie Clayton is brought to you in partnership with New Consciousness Review.

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