Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra

Entranced, immediately, I fell into this book, and into the gentleness of Deepak Chopra’s writing. I’ve read probably a dozen of his books, and I have never perceived this quality to this degree. A soft reverence. But bold.

It is quite bold to novelize the story of Jesus between the ages of twelve and thirty. And – huge – caveat here. I grew up Unitarian, which means I have never had to read the Bible, only flipped through its pages now and then. And, another admission. I have a Bible by my bedside, stamped with the name of a former (?) lover. I imagine I’ll know the answer to that question if and when he asks for his Bible back.

This reminds me, somehow, of Jesus’ treatment of Mary Magdalene. He encountered her first as a teenager in this novel, when they were both on a troubled path where angry bedeviled people walked, and could take anyone hostage in their ways. Mary’s heart shone with a purity, then, and later, although she was a prostitute the moment they met. Jesus, in this book, ultimately takes her kiss of passion, which fires into a gorgeous white light of Love, and he loves all women through loving her. He knows her.

Deepak Chopra finishes off his book with a Reader’s Guide, and he refrains from calling Jesus a “guru,” and then admits that the word guru is Sanskrit for “dispeller of darkness,” which Jesus certainly was. I have only one wish for the book – that it had been much more explicit and colorful about that moment that Jesus was transformed from a teenager wandering in the company of Judas and Mary, to being called Master by others, which Chopra’s Jesus tolerates with sweet humility.

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