A poignant look at one teenage girl’s inner struggle with speaking out about an unspeakable event that took place at a friend’s party. Becoming ostracized by her entire school due to a misunderstanding based on not having told the truth about what really happened only makes her close up even more as does the lack of emotional support at home.

Falling headfirst into a silent depression, she easily could have slipped through the cracks. This film will grip your soul and your vocal chords as you become one with the girl’s plight, watching and waiting to see if she finally does tell someone about what really happened.

There is some violence in the film, but it is not overdone and is very much required for the story. This movie will push your comfort zones, open you up to speaking out about what you believe in, and will leave you more aware of the depths of pain caused by abuse as well as the healing that comes along with it.

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