August Rush

Follow along as Evan Taylor, an orphan from birth, attempts to find his real parents despite the fact that they don’t even know he exists. Whether this is possible or happens is irrelevant because at a deeper level this movie is about the music that connects us all.

As Evan adventures beyond the realm of the orphanage with barely more than enough to buy a pizza, he’s constantly experiencing life as one big orchestrated symphony. That is, until things go wrong and suddenly all he hears is chaos and disharmony. This is just one of the many metaphors in this movie for the lives we choose and the paths we follow.

At some times, Evan seems far too optimistic for an orphan venturing into New York City to find parents who’ve never heard of him. Nevermind the fact that his parents haven’t even spoken for almost a decade because they split apart after Evan’s conception.

Sure people overcome great adversity, but his unrelenting optimism seems unrealistic even for me, the eternal optimist. 🙂 Some moments in this movie seem almost too painful to watch, as some parts of the movie seem to be riddled with disappointment after disappointment. Even then, the true joys come from the small, synchronistic (or perhaps symphonic?) moments in this film when the various characters cross paths in seemingly unrelated ways.

Those are the moments that remind us of the music within and connecting us all.

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