Believe In Me

Become one with the main character as he is transformed through a series of life-altering experiences after moving to a new town as the new basketball coach. The catch? When he arrives he finds out he wasn’t promised a boys coaching position, and instead he’s stuck with the girls. He knows the joke is that they can’t play basketball, and now he is just waiting out the year until the boys coaching position is available.

What he doesn’t know, is that the joke was really on him. Follow along as he bonds with the team, as he learns to believe in the girls he coaches, and ultimately he learns to believe in himself in ways he never thought possible. “Believe In Me” is a movie that is both deeply heartwarming and very inspirational. This movie helps us connect with that part of ourselves which remembers we are all here together, inspiring one another, loving one another, and ultimately believing in one another.

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