The Tapping Solution

If we can be traumatized in 30 seconds, why can’t we be healed in say… a week… a day… or even an hour?

That question comes from a documentary called The Tapping Solution that I watched recently. I find that question interesting and powerful because it challenges our belief systems (a common theme throughout the movie).

One of the people in The Tapping Solution claims that tapping will become a standard medical healing practice in the future. Until I watched The Tapping Solution, I was very skeptical. I thought it was a little bit crazy that people could heal emotional or physical ailments just by tapping on various places in their body. However, because highly successful people endorse tapping — people like Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale (both featured in themovie), Deepak Chopra — and some of my friends say it’s the most powerful healing modality they know of, I figured that there was probably something about it that I didn’t understand.

And after watching The Tapping Solution, I realized that tapping makes a lot of sense from neurological, psychological, and spiritual perspectives. In fact, I already ‘knew’ most of this stuff, I just wasn’t applying it with the uniquely structured (and effective) ‘tapping / EFT’ methodology. The super simple version is that tapping is a technique which combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

It’s also relevant to note that while I was watching The Tapping Solution I actually had tears in my eyes a couple of times because I was so touched by the transformation I witnessed in some of the participants. Though I haven’t personally used tapping, and I am curious about how effective it is for many people, I feel it’s worth checking out and seeing if this modality is something you’d like to investigate further.

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