Joan of Arcadia

What happens when an average 16 year old girl doesn’t hear the voice of God, and instead sees God incarnated in physical forms? Anger, confusion, resentment, curiosity, fear, denial. Those are just a few of the emotions that Joan has.

And those emotions get amplified when God starts asking Joan to do God’s work… to go on missions that never make any sense, and often alienate Joan from the very people she thinks she’s trying to help. Joan doesn’t always interpret God’s requests correctly, and as a result often hurts the people she cares about.

Not only that, but somehow, everything seems to always turn out for the best in the end… just as God intended.

This series combines the depth of many human emotions, as well as the humor and ironies of daily life, all the while managing to explore topics like faith, religion, service, and the true meaning of compassion (which isn’t always about just being nice or not hurting others).

As of the time of writing this review, Joan of Arcadia is my 2nd favorite TV series of all time… just a hair behind Kyle XY. Who knows – by the time I finish Season 2, I may even have a new favorite. 🙂

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