You Have Been Reassigned

“You’ll don a body suit while on the planet,” a mission controller told Eeno. “They’re a bit bulky, but necessary. They’re not built to last long, but they’ll hold up long enough to give you the time you need to complete your mission.”

“I can’t lie though,” the mission controller added. “It will be a relief to have that suit off when you get back here to base.”

“I know,” Eeno interjected, “This is not my first go-around.”

“Once you enter the planet’s atmosphere,” mission control continued, “the clarity of transmission will be greatly diminished. There’s a kind of planetary veil. Oh we’ll be able to hear you just fine. Every word and thought you speak we’ll hear. But our transmissions to you will be more challenging for you to receive. The noises and distractions down there will make it difficult to hear us and you’ll have to try to block that out. ‘Open up your receptors’ a lot of the other mission-eers call it. But don’t worry; we’ll be transmitting at all times if you attempt to listen.”

“We’re always here if you get lost down there.”

“You’ll initially be working with a support team of two – Joba from Sector 5 and Humas from 1101. They’ve gone on ahead of you already. From your prior assignments with Humas, you know you’ll get some good support. Joba on the other hand has really been struggling, but is really energized about improving this time around. Still, you’ll have your hands full with Joba, but with your studies and training you’ll work it out.”

“Arista will join you to kick start your main mission, but that will be later on and will occur at the designated time. If either of you miss the coordinates, we have alternate sites to ensure the connection takes place.”

Shortly before deportation, Eeno sensed Dendra, a former colleague from a previous mission approaching.

“Have a productive trip Eeno,” Dendra offered.

“I really messed up on my last mission,” Dendra shared. “I lost track of the planetary protocols. I damaged several body suits and forced a lot of us to return to base sooner than planned. I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing that mission since I returned. There’s a lot more studying and training to do before I go back to the planet any time soon. I’ll make amends when I do though.”

“Cooperation, do no Harm, Improvement. I get the tenets now.”

“How has your prep been going Eeno? Are you ready for this one?” Dendra asked.

“Yeah. I’m just waiting to be called,” Eeno answered. “I’m really looking forward to this next mission. The positive possibilities are exciting. I’m also aware of the challenges that will be there. If it wasn’t a challenge though, there’d really be no point in going.”

“I feel lucky,” Eeno added. “I continue to make improvements, both in myself and for the planet, on every mission I take.”

“Embryo present,” announced mission control. The body suit was ready.

Eeno approached the deportation site.

Arista was there to say goodbye. “I’ll see you down there later Eeno. We’ve always been a good team, haven’t we?” Arista mused.

Eeno entered the suit enveloped in the amniotic fluid.

The temporary amnesia began as he arrived on the planet.

“Where am I? Who am I?”

“We’re receiving Eeno’s transmission loud and clear,” a mission controller said. “Initiate guidance system, monitor all activity, and provide support as needed.”

The author of this spiritual story is unknown and greatly appreciated!

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