The Virtuous King

The Bodhisattva was once born as Ghata, the king of Benaras. He was a very virtuous and just king. One day king Ghata saw one of his ministers misbehaving with a woman. He was furious and banished the minister from his kingdom. The wicked minister went to Vanka, the king of a neighbouring state and planned to take revenge. He persuaded king Vanka to attack the kingdom of Benaras. King Ghata lost the battle and was taken prisoner.

One day, while King Vanka was on a round of the prison, he saw Ghata meditating peacefully in his cell. Unable to hold back his curiosity, King Vanka went up to Ghata and asked, “How can you remain so calm and peaceful when you are in prison?” At this Ghata smiled and said, “To grieve is in vain. Grief cannot heal the sorrow of the past and gives no hope for the future. So why should I allow it to master me?”

Ghata’s words impressed King Vanka and not only did he set him free, but also restored Ghata’s kingdom back to its rightful ruler.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!

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