True Friendship

The Bodhisattva was born as a parrot in one of his births and lived in a fig tree. He enjoyed eating the ripe fruits of the tree and lived happily. After a few years, the fig tree became old and stopped bearing any fruit. Yet the parrot refused to leave the tree and go elsewhere like the other parrots had done. Sakka, the King of Gods, disguised himself as a goose and visited the parrot. He asked the parrot why he had not deserted the tree yet. “I cannot forsake my friend who has fed me for so many years,” replied the parrot. Sakka was pleased to hear this and returning to his own form said, “I am impressed with your feelings for the tree. Ask me what you want.” The parrot then bowed his head in respect and said, “Lord, my friend has given me shelter for years. Bless him with the ability to bear fruits throughout the year like before.” “So be it,” said Sakka and once again the fig tree became lively and full of fruits.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!

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