Spiritual Movie Reviews

Spiritual Movie - The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzy

This is not your ordinary kids movie, although I recommend that every child watch it. You and your child will have the opportunity to join an adventure story that...

Pay It Forward - Inspirational Movie

Pay It Forward

Many of us often wonder if we, as a single person, can change the world. This movie seeks to answer that question through the eyes of a pre-teen boy...

The Blue Butterfly - A True Spiritual Story

Blue Butterfly

This is a beautiful film (inside and out), into the rainforest with a little boy whose biggest dream is to find the Blue Butterfly. The boy believes that this...

Illusion - Spiritual Movie


People and the relationships we have with them are not always as they seem. A wise person once told me, There are two sides to every story. And then...

The Matrix - Spiritual Movie

The Matrix

Not just an action flick, this film is replete with spiritual metaphors and subtle messages. Neo (an acronym for One) finds himself falling down the proverbial rabbit hole as...

Groundhog Day - Spiritual Movie

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray stars in this unique comedy written by a bunch of Buddhists that may very well make you laugh and cry at the same time. He wakes up...

Broken Hill - Spiritual Movie

Broken Hill

Since I reviewed this movie while I was a guest on Spiritual Cinema Circle you may have already heard my thoughts about it. 🙂 That said, if you aren’t...


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